Monday, May 22, 2017

Voter suppression is worst where? How embarrassing.

With the Supreme Court declining to review a lower court decision striking down a North Carolina vote ID law, you have to wonder, where is voter suppression the worst? Yeah, you might be surprised. I'm not, but you might be:
A fair examination of the record shows that no state does a better job discouraging voters from going to the polls than New York.
For starters, New York is the worst state for independents, bar none. Most states, including North Carolina, hold some form of open primary or caucus that allows independents to participate. Not New York, where independents outnumber Republicans. Voter suppression begins with eligibility, and New York’s parties have long history of trying to minimize participation in primaries.
Some states with open primaries require independents to join a party when they arrive at the polls. In New York, independents must join a party 11 months in advance of state primaries. No other state sets such a distant deadline. Many of Senator Bernie Sanders’s supporters found that out the hard way last year.
The article goes on to highlight how New York law makes it difficult for anyone but Democrats to win. Voter rights groups don't care about that, of course, because they want the same result, as most are funded by Democrat organizations. Conservative or right-wing voters-rights groups get jacked up by the IRS, but you don't hear much about that except that is was just a few rogue IRS employees. Wink, wink.

You want more Donald Trump? This shit is how you get more Donald Trump. I'm not a big fan, but everything the Democrats are doing makes Trump 2020 look more like a winning proposition.

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