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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All this gig lacks is Japanese soldiers bayoneting us when we fall exhausted into the roadside ditches

The swordfish isn't dying on this job; it fucking quit. We started with 6 people on a "2-3 day" job. One guy quit after day 1. Claimed his previous project started back up. Or his mother was really sick. I forget which. We got jacked up for being shitty coders on day 2, and mysteriously another person had a "family emergency" and didn't show for day 3 or today. When you miss days 3 and 4 of a :2-3 day" project, odds are fair that you have no plans to return, since you should have no expectation that a project will be there to return to.

Even with four of us left, one guy is virtually useless when he actually shows up, and he generally shows up pretty late. Today, he left for most of the day because his dryer was being serviced or some such shit. The fourth guy disappears for hours at a time and doesn't do much work as a result. Basically, the only two people there every day, all day are me and this one other woman. We happen to also be the fastest reviewers, but as we are the only ones actually working, even among the people still on the project, "2-3 days" already has turned into 5 and counting, and probably at least 6. If the main burden remains on the two of us, we're probably looking at a day 7, as well. All in all, it is starting to feel like the Bataan Death March. No end in sight, and not clear who will survive. With no overtime, I think I might prefer to get bayoneted in the ditch.

I want some Tajikistan, and I want it now

For some unfathomable reason, Tajikistan has never visited Eff You. Well, it is time for that shit to come to an end. Mongolia yielded to pressure. Canada caved. Fucking Modova gave in to the unrelenting social shaming that comes from not visiting Eff You. Tajikistan, time to step up.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I should get a job with a record label

You might recall that in early May I told you about this guy. Chris Janson, who three months ago didn't have a record contract, now has a top 10 single, and it likely will hit No. 1 on the country charts in the next week or two. Spotting that song, I think, makes me as qualified as anybody to be an A&R guy for a record label (that's artists and repertoire, people, the guys who find the new talent). Two months after the first time anybody but his family and his co-writer heard the song, Janson was performing "Buy Me a Boat" at the Grand Ole Opry. Here's a reminder of what a serious jam this song is:

Song of the summer, baby.

I guess it could be worse

This project was advertised as 2-3 days. We just completed day 3 and are less than 1/2 done. On the other hand, Day 1 was considerably less than a half-day, and the pace always picks up as folks get familiar with the documents. On the other other hand, one guy quit after the first day, and another person wasn't there today. Not sure if she quit, but we only started with six people, so we are down at least one, maybe two. One of the remaining four (or five, depending on whether the missing chick comes back) is absolutely worthless. He wants the project to last until September and his pace reflects that. He doesn't realize, I guess, that it can't. This is a rush job and they want it done yesterday. So his candy ass approach to the documents won't really drag things out that much.

Best guess? Done Wednesday. Could be better, but that's life. I sure hope some projects crop up in the next couple days. But I'm not betting on it.

Hell, the farming was so good this weekend, I went twice

Technically, if you count the farming I did at the house of the folks for whom Mrs. Wolves is house-sitting while they're at the beach, I went three times. Got a bunch of maters, cukes, zukes, beans and squash from that garden. But the real action was down on The Farm.

When I got there, the recent lack of rain was showing on our volunteer whatever-the-fuck-this-is plant. The leaves were wilted and unhappy:

All over the damn place:

So I watered. Most of what I did Saturday was water, really. Stuff was pretty dry. But watering the whatever-the-hell-this-is volunteer paid dividends:

As you can see, the leaves quickly unwilted. All over the place:

So that was a good thing. I also harvested the last of the onions:

I found some peppers ready to pick:

Including some good-looking serranos:

The first crop of beans looked ready for its last harvest:

Meanwhile, Jeb the Wonder Dog sought shelter from the brutal sun in the shade of the first-crop bean plants. I don't know how well that worked:

I went through the first bed of the first-crop beans, pulling each plant and taking the beans big enough to harvest. Everything else went into the compost heap. When I was done, the bed looked like this, awaiting a new fall crop:

And the harvest bucket looked like this:

Good bunch of peppers, same for beans, some tomatoes, a zuke. All in all, not a bad day. Then I came back on Sunday. I made the rounds again, harvesting a bunch of stuff, then went after the second bed of the first-crop beans. I forgot to take the camera with me (look, we've been over this -- I don't have a smart phone, so suck it, I use a camera), but I went through the same procedure with the second bean bed. Pulled the plants, harvested the good beans, composted the remains. Wound up with a pretty good bunch of stuff:

Carrots, beans and peppers -- almost as many beans from the last first-crop harvest as from the first. In a couple weeks, I guess we'll be getting second-crop beans, with third-crop stuff a few weeks behind that. In the meantime, I now have four empty beds for which I am trying to find crops to plant for the fall. Stay tuned.

When a liberal has lost A.B. Stoddard . . .

. . . you know they're in trouble. And boy, has Hillary lost A.B. Stoddard. For those of you who don't know, Stoddard is an associate editor at The Hill, a semi-official, very lefty publication that covers Congress. She is pretty left herself, and appears frequently as a panelist on Fox News to represent the left side of the aisle. Well, she apparently thinks Hillary's campaign is approaching joke territory:
Those Clinton campaign strategists are so clever: trying to just lighten up this whole process, appeal to the young, show they get the joke and turn Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into a late-night comedy punch line.
In just days, Clinton has issued dire warnings about climate change; been caught jumping on and off a private plane; pledged, because of the plane’s emissions, to the make her campaign carbon neutral (without revealing how); jetted to New York City for a $600 haircut; and refused to reveal her position on the Keystone XL pipeline, which those same voters interested in climate change are asking her about.
Has Clinton fallen into the Republicans’ trap, trying to outdo Donald Trump in bad publicity, or does she want her candidacy to become a permanent skit on “Saturday Night Live”?
Obvious mistakes aren’t being avoided but amplified, and negative stereotypes are being embraced.
It isn't a long piece, which makes it difficult not to just quote the whole thing, but copyright law doesn't let me do that kind of thing. As Instapundit would say, read the whole thing.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cecil the Lion vs. aborted babies, liberal version

Normally, I don't like to give clicks to crazy libtards -- and I do mean crazy in this case -- but sometimes, the crazy simply has to be seen to be believed. Trust me. You will not believe her explanation for why killing lions is bad and killing babeis is good.