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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm detecting a pattern here

You think maybe even the Progressive believers are starting to get a little tired of The One bloviating?  Based on some recent rallies for Democrat candidates where President Obama spoke, it would appear so. The Weekly Standard gives a little video from a rally this week in Wisconsin:

The Weekly Standard reported:
As President Obama spoke this evening in Wisconsin, the crowd began to file out. . . . Mike Lowe, a political reporter, also made the observation on Twitter. "Some people --not a lot, but some -- are leaving as the President is speaking," wrote Lowe.
The president isn't campaigning for many candidates because his approval ratings are so low that most embattled Democrats appear to believe his help would be no help at all. Even in Wisconsin, a normally blue state, he had folks heading for the exits when he spoke in support of Mary Burke, the habitual liar who is hoping to unseat Gov. Scot Walker. And it wasn't the first time. Last week, in true-blue Maryland, the same thing happened:
President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity. . . . A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.
Man, if the president can't hold an audience at a rally for a Democrat candidate in Maryland, he is pretty damn toxic. Maybe he'll give fewer speeches. We can hope.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stay classy, Obama administration

There is one democracy in the Middle East. One. So how does the Obama administration treat it? Like this:
As the ongoing crisis in U.S.-relations continues, a report by The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg cites a senior U.S. official as saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “a chickenshit prime minister,” who only cares about his political survival.
 I guess officials in this administration definitely know when they see someone only interested in his own political survival, having served under President Present, so I'll let that one pass for the moment. Even if it's true about Netanyahu, though, it's a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Lest you think this is some rogue Obama official talking out of his ass, Goldberg was able to find a second administration official to call Netanyahu a chickenshit, which I think says a lot about the administration:
This official agreed that Netanyahu is a “chickenshit” on matters related to the comatose peace process, but added that he’s also a “coward” on the issue of Iran’s nuclear threat. The official said the Obama administration no longer believes that Netanyahu would launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to keep the regime in Tehran from building an atomic arsenal. “It’s too late for him to do anything. Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late.”
Let me get this straight. The Obama administration, which was too chickenshit to do anything to stop Iran's nuclear program, calls the leader of Israel a "chickenshit" because he didn't do what they were too chickenshit to do themselves and in fact were pressuring the Israelis not to do?  So because Netanyahu acceded to the wishes of President Chickenshit, Netanyahu's a chickenshit? I'm confused. Besides, where does President Choom Gang get off calling  a former special forces operative who was wounded in action a chickenshit?

Hat tip for the image to Ed Driscoll via Instapundit. Also, Noah Rothman has a great analysis of the policy implications at Hot Air

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I don't actually see this as a problem

Apparently, the U.S. Forest Service at a South Lake Tahoe park are having to issue warnings to get people to stop taking "selfies" with bears.

It's not like they're putting their arms around the bears, but the tourists seem to be maneuvering so that bears are visible in the near background.
That's according to officials with the U.S. Forest Service in charge of maintaining the popular Taylor Creek Visitor Center in South Lake Tahoe.
The creek is the site of a spectacular annual run of kokanee salmon, which also attracts hungry bears.
And lately it's also attracting lots of smart phone-wielding photographers desperate for unique social media profile photos.

I'm totally OK with this. If the bears can pick off a few of these morons, it'll be like pouring chlorine in the gene pool. Just a little Darwinism at work, folks. Nothing to see here. Except idiots like this:

Please, please, please be hungry. Hat tip to Hot Air.

Winter is coming

Not to get all "Game of Thrones" on you, but we did a lot of work on the farm last weekend to get ready for winter. Forecast for this weekend looks like it might freeze Saturday night, so we brought in the last of the peppers:

Pretty good haul. Lots of them were still green, but by no means all:

Made about 12 half-pings of hot sauce with a bunch, still busy drying the rest to grind into hot pepper. Because we are relocating the beds next spring to the north end of my farming partner's property, we had to take everything out, including this, the squash and zuchinni enclosure:

Once the stakes and fencing were down, of course the dogs all had to run around in the formerly forbidden bed:

My partner already yanked the tomato plants, but I took a metric shit ton of tomatoes, turned a bunch into several quarts of jarred tomatoes, got a bunch more ripening on the window sill, and a bunch more green tomatoes that I have to turn into relish or chutney or something.

We pulled a bunch of the bed boxes Saturday, using the front-end loader on the tracker to lift the boxes up, then carry them over to be stacked for drying over the weekend:

Once the beds were lifted, we had to tote them to the storage area. Naturally, Farmer Tom drives the tractor, 'cause it's his, while I walk alongside to keep the box from falling off:

We got a bunch of them stacked on Saturday:

Pulled the rest and stacked them on Sunday:

The oldest bed suffered a catastrophic structural failure when we tried to lift it. Pretty rotten, but we should be able to salvage the liner and lag bolts. I think the wood is toast:

After we quit Saturday, Farmer Tom scraped the bed sites and moved the dirt:

All that dirt went into one big-ass pile of dirt:

Of course, that pile is going to get a whole lot bigger when we move the rest of the dirt -- about half is still out there:

We'll let the bed frames dry out over the winter, and come early spring we'll make repairs as needed, probably build a new box or two, then get them positioned in a location with better all-day sun. Plus, I've convinced Farmer Tom to let me put in a few rows of corn. Should be an exciting spring, which, I suppose, is more than we can say for this post. Well, this isn't a gardening blog except when I say it is, so if you don't like it, refer to the title of the blog.

("He can be so nasty," one Eff You reader said to another one.
"I think he's just upset because no Mongolians have come by," said the other. "He does feature the most modern yurt construction techniques, after all."
"Darn," said the first Eff You reader. "I was hoping he just needed to be saved by the love of a good woman."
"No, I think he's hoping for a hot naked babe," said the second reader.)

The things I do to try and drive traffic.

Monday, October 27, 2014

If you've lost Saturday Night Live . . .

. . . and you're a Democrat, you're in deep shit. The SNL folks aren't very funny very often, and I think maybe most Democrats won't find this amusing, but the truth hurts. I actually don't think it's hilarious, but it is worth noting that the stalwart Progressives at SNL are turning on The One. In case you haven't noticed, so is the lamestream media. But check this out. Couldn't embed the video, but it's worth following the link. Hat tip to Hot Air.

A little game food porn for you

I have to admit, the second half was miserable. Damn Saints. Fortunately, we were well fed. Because it was an 8:30 game, we had our brats, the winner in the game food poll, as dinner when Cpl. Wolves got home. It was good:

Once game time rolled around, I did a little light game food. Stuffed skins, of course:

Also did some onion straws:

Love that horseradish sauce.

Packers are on the bye next weekend, then another 8:30 game at home against the Bears. I'll put up a game food poll once I work out a couple new items to add to the mix.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Must be harvest time

Farmer John, whose name may or may not be John, brought in the corn this weekend, mostly while I was not around. The field next to my house was the first to go:

The field behind the school was next. That bin is full of corn, and I don't know where the harvester was at that point -- down the field, pulling in corn, I imagine:

Of course, the field across from my house also is now in. All of this while I was not looking. Something so easy to spot as harvesting corn, you'd think I would catch it. Nope.