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Monday, May 25, 2015

Remember, the people Memorial Day honors aren't here to celebrate it

Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday, but remember the somber nature of the day -- we pause to honor those who gave everything in the defense of their country. As George Orwell famously never actually said: People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. While the quote is often attributed to him (or sometimes to Winston Churchill) here is an excellent discourse on the origins of the quote. Hat tip to Ace for that.

The sentiment expressed remains true, regardless of who said it. Take a minute today, sometime between the hot dogs and the apple pie, to send up a prayer for those rough men and women:

And by the way, this guy is not one of those rough men. Nothing says sacrifice like a couple scoops of Cherry Garcia, right?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Father's Day is coming. Support the blog and get him some stuff

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You're going to want some dinner to go with that dessert, so how about some seafood porn?

Everybody likes scallops now and then, right? Sometimes, sea scallops are just so expensive that you feel like you can't go there, though. What's a girl to do? Fuckin' A, y'all -- bay scallops, the less-expensive, smaller but still-delicious cousin. Get a couple pounds of bay scallops:

Mix them up with some Old Bay:

 Toss them in a hot skillet with some butter and cut-up slices of bacon:

Man does not live by scallops alone, so fire up some corn on the cob or something, plus some limas or whatever:

A little cocktail sauce, and that dinner was so damn easy it's almost criminal:

Bon appetit.

Maybe I should do some dessert food porn

Made a pretty good dessert last weekend at the behest of Mrs. Wolves, who found the recipe somewhere. They called it a sherried cherry crisp. Whatever. Pretty easy, and very tasty.

You wil need 4 cups of fresh or frozen cherries, 1/3 cup of dry sherry or port wine, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour, 1 tsp of grated orange peel (I did without this and it was fine), about 4 tablespoons of orange juice, 3/4 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of vanilla and 1/3 cup of cold butter, cut into bits:

Yeah, not everything is there, I know. You get the idea. If you're using frozen cherries, as I did, let them thaw for about a half hour first:

While they are thawing, you can make the topping. Put the 3/4 cup of flour, the oats, brown sugar and salt in a bowl, and mix it up right. Sprinkle it with the vanilla, then mix in the cut-up butter until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs. Put that bitch aside for a minute:

For the filling, combine the cherries, sugar, the other flour, and the orange juice (plus the orange peel if you are inspired) and mix it up right, stirring in the sherry:

 Put that stuff in a casserole dish:

Top it with the topping mixture:

I assume, of course, that you have preheated the oven to 375. Of so, pop that sucker in until the filling is bubbling up and the topping is golden brown -- about 50 minutes:

Serve warm with whipped cream or something:

Pretty damn good. Bon appetit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I plant, it rains. Questions?

Went to The Farm on Sunday and, once again, my special talent came into play. I put seeds in the ground, rain falls from the sky. It's simple and, this year at least, automatic.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes, farming occurred on Sunday. Planting was involved, as was harvesting, as things are growing quite nicely on The Farm. We will take things in their turn. First, of course, is the trip to The Farm, which Jeb the Wonder Dog enjoyed tremendously:

Got to The Farm and did a quick survey of the beds. The peas look good:

The radishes and lettuce look good:

The garlic looks good, but needs weeding:

The spinach looks good:

The onions look good:

The potatoes look good:

Both beds:

The carrots look good, too (I''m detecting a theme here):

And, yes, the beans look good:

So I weeded the garlic, which now looks even better:

Given how good things looked, I had to harvest some stuff. So I got some asparagus:

And I got some spinach:

Both were greeted with great joy at Chez Wolves. Of course, that was not all that needed to happen. We needed to plant our zucchini and squash, with which I had magnificent success in starting the plants:

Alas, this is where I needed to plant them. Yeah, needs tilling:

I tilled the shit out of that plot. For reasons probably related to alcohol-induced stupidity, I apparently deleted the pictures of the tilled plot. And of the planted plot, for that matter. Of course, I kept the picture of Farmer Tom putting up the rabbit fence:

Not to mention the picture of Farmer Tom watering some of the plants:

Mind you, because of my special ability, watering probably was unnecessary. It rained some Sunday night, and it rained a lot on Monday night. I plant, it rains. Clear?

Obviously, I need to do better in documenting our farming activities. I'll see what I can do. Next weekend,  the peppers go in the ground, as well as the cucumbers. That should be the last planting for a bit, but I guess we'll see.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This is such a chick flick, I can't believe I might go see it

Obviously, the Green Bay Packers are involved or I wouldn't even consider it. Here are a couple of clips of the Packers involved talking about their part in the movie "Pitch Perfect 2." I can't believe I'm pimping this:

There is a possibility I was drunk when I started putting this post together the other night. Right now, the first segment of the interview is second, the second segment is both first and third. For some reason, I can't delete the out-of-place second segment, which is actually first here, so please go to the second video, and then the third. Or the first, if you feel like it. Anyway, this shit is fucked up.

UPDATE: Fixed. Enjoy.

Walking Jeb the Wonder Dog, Deluge Edition

I got home tonight and, as usual, walked Jeb the Wonder Dog and Sadie the Auxiliary Back-up Dog. Sadie pooped, Jeb watched in amusement and peed. As usual. We got inside, and the heavens cut loose. Serious fucking rain. Jeb the Wonder Dog, maybe not too clear on what torrential rain sounds like, looked at me in expectation: My turn to drop the deuce, dude. Hard to argue with his logic, but I had no desire to go out into a frog-strangler, so I tended to other tasks that needed to be completed before I went to bed. JTWD, naturally, got in my way at every turn, reminding me that he really needed to do the doo, while STABUD got in my way at every turn reminding me that bacon is her birthright.

Eventually, it sounded as if the rain had slackened. Since JTWD and STABUD both had managed to con me out of some bacon (one of my tasks involved cooking bacon), it seemed like a good time to take JTWD on his walk.

Wow, what a shitty idea.

While the rain was no longer killing amphibians in low-lying areas, it was still fairly substantial. I quickly promised Jeb the Wonder Dog that we would head for home as soon as he did his business, regardless of where we were in our usual course. Little did I realize this would become a battle of wills.

I should have known. After all, in summer, Jeb cares not about the heat. In winter, under Arctic conditions when I am ready to die, Jeb is unmoved. Snow, ice, sleet, heat -- he doesn't care. Torrential rain -- yeah, whatever. He shook occasionally, but seemed to be in no hurry.

Ultimately, we didn't shorten the walk at all. By the time he finally duked, we were at a point in our usual walk that there was no way to take a shortcut home. So we didn't. I was drenched and miserable. He was drenched and gave exactly zero fucks.

Sometimes I hate that dog.