Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cooler weather must be here

How else to explain the kit-tays' sudden desire to sleep on top of a warmth-emitting entity: Here they are on Mrs. Wolves on morning earlier this week:

No, Mischief doesn't often join in, but the sisters do. Guess winter is coming.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The swordfish isn't jumping out of the water much these days

Unlike the strong, healthy leaps that the swordfish takes at the beginning of a project when everything is firing on all cylinders, the swordfish is taking some really half-hearted leaps these days. My original estimate for the end of this project (my part of it, anyway) was mid-October. I'm revising that. At least some folks are likely to get whacked this week. The swordfish isn't on the deck yet, but he looks pretty winded.

Temp elevator antics

This blog is supposed to be about life in Temp Town, chronicling the lives of temporary attorneys in the nation's capital. That's how I make my living, after all, so I should know something about it.

Alas, temps bore me, and they bore most other sentient beings, as well. I've written about most of the things that I have found interesting about temps, and so am reduced to awaiting interesting interludes that just happen. Fortunately, two occurred just this week, both involving elevators.

I thought I had mentioned this before, but a couple searches of the blog indicate that I have not, which surprises me. So I'll mention it now. Contract attorneys are roughly 351 percent more likely than the average person to wait for an elevator standing with their nose two inches from the crack in the center of the door. When your elevator opens, if you work in a building with contract attorneys working there as well, when you elevator opens, there will be a dorky-looking person standing there in the middle of the doorway, less than inches from where the closed doors were seconds before.

By the way, they also will think proximity equals right of way. When I ride the elevator on any project, I always stand back from the door because I know that when it opens, a temp waiting for the elevator will be standing there, nose mere inches from the outer door. You don't want to be too close to that. So today, when I took the elevator back to the workspace after taking a break, I stood back.

Good damn thing. When the elevator arrived at my floor, the door opened and I started to step forward to leave the elevator. Had I been at the door instead of a couple steps back, I would have run right into the temp who was waiting with his nose practically pressed against the outer doors. As it was, he apparently felt that because he was closest to the door, he had the right of way and promptly attempted to rush onto the elevator before I had a chance to exit. This shit is so common in Temp Town that I didn't even flinch -- I stepped forward, didn't deviate course and made sure he took a shoulder to the chest. Hey, I'm a dick. What can I say? I'm sure he didn't learn that maybe you should let people get off the elevator before rushing on, but I ain't a teacher.

The second elevator-related incident today was actually a new one for me. When I was leaving for the day, another temp was already in the elevator lobby, waiting for an elevator. When one arrive, she walked on first, and I followed. When I got on the elevator, I noted that she was too busy face-down in her smart phone -- doubtless smarter than her -- to be bothered with pushing a button to let the elevator know what floor she wanted to go to. I gave serious thought to pressing a totally random button and getting off the elevator to let her go whereever, but in a moment of weakness, I pressed the button for the lobby. Sometimes I disappoint myself so.

So, we went to the fair

We didn't really go to the fair, though. We went Friday, primarily to see Foreigner play (more on that later). I wanted to see Jake Owen Saturday night, but Mrs. Wolves wanted to see Foreigner, so I put in my bid for husband of the year and we saw Foreigner (more on that later). Anyway, Friday was a workday for me (obviously), but I took off early, contributing to my husband of the year cred. Alas, Friday was what we like to refer to as "hot as fuck," so going to the fair while the sun was still high in the sky was a losing proposition. So we didn't, going at twilight only a bit before the concert started. So I didn't get to see the animals and all the other farm stuff I love about the county fair.

However, we did get to see a pretty good amount of the competition exhibitions. Or at least, I did, since much of this stuff was in the building that housed the bathroom that Mrs. Wolves needed to use, and the line for the women's restroom was long and slow. The men's room was quick and easy, so I went about the exhibit hall, seeing what there was to see. Like cookies:

And what I guess was artwork:

And the ever-popular bugs-pinned-to-a-styrofoam-base:

I got to wander around outside for a bit. Good to know that fair food is just as lethal as always:

Went back inside the exhibition hall, still waiting for Mrs. Wolves to reach Nirvana. More artwork:

Saw some more baked goods, too. Not sure what these were. Muffins and ring cakes, looked like:

I didn't know this was a category, but there was a doll competition:

No, really:

I did learn one thing that had never really occurred to me. The baked goods are submitted before the fair starts, so the judges have time to evaluate all the goods. Not sure how long, but more than a week before the fair starts. The fair then runs for about 10 days. That's why all the cakes are cut in half. The judges taste one half, and the other goes on display with its ribbon. Hard to tell from this picture, but by late in the fair (the fair ended two days after we went) those cakes and what not are getting stale and moldy:

Unless, of course, they are seriously coated in funk-proof materials, like icing and sour gummy worms:

Anyway, lots of cakes on display:

I also enjoyed looking at the canned goods, which, technically, are actually jarred. I should enter next year:

Really, didn't see how the judges could decide. Do they open one and test it? I don't know, but the jarred goods that I also jar looked just like mine. Maybe I could kick ass at the fair next year:

Not in the quilts category, though:

At this point, Mrs. Wolves emerged from the eternal restroom line, and we went to see Foreigner. More on that later.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Night Football music sounds pretty good

The bumper music (used to go in and out of commercial breaks) has been great on Sunday Night Football as the Cowboys physically abuse the Bears. We heard this song:

And this:

Not bad.

Not everything is as simple as it seems

A Tulsa police officer has been charged with manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed man who ignored commands to stop approaching his car. When he appeared to be reaching into the window of the car, the officer fatally shot him. The video, available at the link, sure makes it look like he wasn't much of a threat.

On the other hand, police officers tell people to stay away from their car for a reason:

Kyle Dinkheller died because he kept issuing warnings. Don't think for a second this video isn't part of police training nationwide. If you get involved with the police and won't follow instructions, I have a hard time with charging them if things get deadly.

Game food, but not

We went off-site today to watch the game with Married Into Wolves. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings (not paid for the plug, but not opposed to a little gratuity, if B-dubs is listening) for the Packers' 1 pm game. Still haven't bought the NFL's Game Pass or whatever they call it, and no more DirecTV, so I am filling in at the moment.

So, I didn't make game food. Sorry. If it helps, and you've been to BWW, we had the sampler (onion rings, boneless wings, nachos), some wings, potato wedges and popcorn shrimp. Yeah, food coma afterwards. Great food, and we had the perfect booth -- game on a screen in front of me and behind, so Mrs. Wolves and I could watch one and Married Into Wolves could watch the other. And, of course, we had a glorious victory at home over the hated Lions. We looked great (I can say we, as I own two shares of the Packers) in the first half, and then we looked like we were clock-killing pretty much the entire second half. It was enough, though.

As for my lack of posting, the current gig is killing me. I have a lot of backed-up content on all manner of things. I'll get there, I guess. Hell, I don't even get to The Farm every weekend. No posting leads to bad traffic, and numbers are way down. I promise to try and do better.