Sunday, November 11, 2018

Working from home haiku

My latest gig turned out to be a work-from-home deal. The reason is the agency treats us as independent contractors. I know a lot of people who wish all agencies would do this. I am not among them. For starters, I had no idea this was an independent contractor gig until I had turned down other offers and showed up at orientation. The rate is at the bottom of the market, and we have to pay our own payroll taxes -- about 15 percent of our gross instead of the 7-point-something we normally pay, because we pay the employer's share, as well. Upside? We can work from home, 70 hours a week. Saves the commuting cost. Probably a wash, I guess.

Of course, being at home, with Thanksgiving coming and large numbers of my family converging on my household, means that Mrs. Wolves has a very long list of shit she thinks I should do since I'm at home. Between the agency, and Mrs. Wolves, a haiku comes to mind:
I'm working from home
It sounds really fantastic
Watch what you wish for

Helping me believe that Pete Davidson is not a complete peckerhead

I don't watch "Saturday Night Live" anymore. It used to be hilarious, certainly in the early years and again during a couple revivals following some really unfunny lows. I don't know if they are in an unfunny low right now -- seems likely -- but Pete Davidson, who was briefly engage to Ariana Grande until she came to her senses, insulted a war hero last week for losing his eye in combat. Last night, he made up for it:

Good for Davidson and SNL.

That man is HUGE

So, I was watching the Seahawks-Rams game tonight. Very exciting, Seahawks, whom I hate, were one good play away from a real chance to win. Anyway, the Rams called a timeout with about 30 seconds left, and the camera cut to a shot of two players talking on the sideline. The announcer mentioned that one of the players was Aaron Donald. The initial shot was a closeup, and one guy was a lot bigger than the other. I assumed that was Donald, who is an extremely large man who plays defensive line. Then the camera pulled out a bit, and it was clear that the smaller man was Donald. He was talking to fellow Rams defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, who is apparently 3 or 4 inches taller than Aaron, and even bulkier. Holy shit, that is an enormous human being to make Aaron Donald look small.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Starting the month strong

Having posted practically not at all in October, I figured I should do better in November. So I came to the blog and found that France is jumping all over Eff You. Maybe they hunger for that sweet, sweet porn that my frequent use of the word "fuck" indicates to them that this is the place for pr0n. Maybe they just like sites where the author doesn't post that much anymore. Anyway, thank you, France, for coming by and finding, well, nothing new. And definitely no porn.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Watching Monday Night Football

Patriots against Bills. No doubt, I think, about who will win, even though Buffalo is at home. Mostly because Derek Anderson, who is close to my age, is playing quarterback for the Bills. He's only been on the roster for about two weeks, and he was retired for a year or two before that. Actually not doing horribly so far.

But my real question is, how bad are the quarterbacks you have on the active roster if you are putting Derek Anderson on the field? He only had one good year, and it was 20 years ago.

Hold the phone, Malone. I got a comment from a smart guy

What the fuck is a psychologist doing coming by a low-brow site like this? Fuck, I don't even post that much anymore (because I'm really busy, not because I'm lazy). Anyway, this dude has the same "Unknown Region" thing going on that I do, as documented here and here. I am now up to more than 600 visits from "Unknown Region." Anyway, this apparently happens to smart people, too.