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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Need more proof that Russia's new stealth fighter sucks? Got it right here

The vaunted Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA fifth-generation stealth fighter is a steaming heap that can't compete with U.S. fifth-generations fighters, despite what critics might say about the F-35, such as here and here.. If you doubt this, ask India, which is seriously upset that it is paying billions for a piece of shit. And if you don't believe India, ask Russia, which apparently is already trying to develop a new fifth-generation fighter to replace the sack of crap that it hasn't even deployed yet:
Turns out, the dreaded Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA is not the only fifth-generation fighter jet under development by Russia. The PAK FA is expected to enter services in 2017. But the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG is developing yet another cutting-edge lightweight fifth generation fight jet. The new lightweight fighter jet will be based on Mikoyan Project 1.44 (NATO reporting name: Flatpack), reports Sputnik News.
The problem is, even this new project relies on technology developed nearly two decades ago:
The Mikoyan Project 1.44 was meant to develop an alternative to the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) project of the United States that led to the development of Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The aircraft made its first flight in 2000. It boasted of stealth technology, advanced avionics, super-cruise, and super-maneuverability. However, Russia shut down the project over a decade ago.
Ultimately, the short-coming here is that Russia lacks the funding to develop something  truly new, and so it is recycling old ideas and pretending they are new, competitive aircraft that are superior to what the U.S. is fielding.. It simply isn't true. The so-called new fighter will be no such thing:
On Tuesday, MiG CEO Sergei Korotkov said that the company will use the experience gained from the Project 1.44 to develop the new fifth-generation fighter jet. He added that the new plane will also use some of the technology developed for MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F) air superiority fighter. The new fifth-generation jet is supposed to replace the ageing MiG-29, which was first introduced in 1983.
Project 1.44 and the MiG-35 both are simply upgrades of the MiG-29. Just as upgrades have improved the F-16 and F-15 for the U.S., these upgrades likely will improve the MiG-29, but it still will be just an improved MiG-29. That's a fine fighter for its day, but both the F-16 and the F-15 could kick its ass when it was new, and they can kick its ass now. So can the F-22 and F-35, both of which are true fifth-generation fighters. It would appear that what Russia is developing now is simply a fourth-generation-plus fighter, much like the FA-18 upgrades that we call the Super Hornet. Great plane, but not fifth-generation.

The fact that Russia already is trying to develop a new fifth-generation fighter before its first one is even deployed says a lot. Frankly, I don't think either one will prove to be a true fifth-generation fighter. It's not easy to create one on paper. It's even harder to create one in the real world. It doesn't sound like Russia has managed to do that so far.

I guess Hillary envies Ted Cruz's street cred

A lot of folks missed this the first time around, but there was a pretty good photoshop of Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz that was either intended to give him street cred, or to ridicule him:

He embraced it, and it gave him street cred. Can't remember where I got this (I've been sitting on it for a few weeks because it makes me cringe) but somebody did the same kind of photoshop on Hillary!, although I don't think street cred was their goal:

Yeah, sorry about that. Cringe away.

I post the cute kit-tay photos because I can

Mischief, the third M, is the newest and youngest of our kit-tays, and easily the favorite of Mrs. Wolves. Personally, I would feed all of the M's to Jeb, but they would probably rip him to shreds, as he is a little bit of a wimp. In any event, Mischief is currently winning the Cute Olympics at Chez Wolves:

Murder, who used to routinely occupy that spot, is less enamored of this activity than, say, Mrs. Wolves. Mayhem still has her favorite spot and so is less concerned.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Must be almost time for college football

A friend of mine who is a fan of Ohio State University recently received an email from a friend of his who is a fan of Penn State. Both schools, obviously, are in the Big 10, which is now the Big 97 or some such shit, because there damn sure ain't just 10 schools in the Big 10. But I digress. In any event, here is the picture that the Penn State guy emailed to the OSU guy:

Yeah, let the games begin. (Double click on the image to enlarge.)

This is why Mischief almost went with Cpl. Wolves

Because she's ridiculously cuddly, that's why:

No, really:

Even Married Into Wolves was ready to test her allergies to keep this kitten. Alas, allergies won. So Mischief is back at Chez Wolves. Which means she is at the mercy of Murder and Mayhem, right? Maybe not:

They seem to be getting along OK at this point. Mischief is fearless, and Murder and Mayhem respect that. Plus, any cat that wants to spend lots of time in the window is cool with M&M. So now we have 3M. I think that puts us one cat away from "crazy cat people." Not happening. No matter what this looks like:

Our European correspondent tells us what he did for his summer vacation

 Editor's note: Our European correspondent went on summer vacation and happened to touch upon a Raised by Wolves obsession: old fortifications. Fortunately for me, he sent pictures and a narrative. Here it is:

Eff You European Correspondent
I hope things are well. As you might have noticed, traffic from Denmark has been a bit on the light side for a couple of weeks. We got the opportunity to borrow a “sommerhus” (a beach or summer house), and we took full advantage of that to get away from home for a bit. Internet access was spotty at best.

Not far from the house was an old Renaissance stronghold from the 1600s. I took a couple of pics, as you said at some point that you like old fortifications.

The place is called Hals Skanse, and is situated by the mouth of a fiord that serves as a channel into the interior of Jutland. A nice place from which to shoot up evil invaders attacking from the sea. (And what is Jutland, you ask? It’s the mitten-shaped bit of Denmark).
The fort is quite small and not much is left of the original buildings. It was built in the classical Renaissance “Star” shape, allowing for fire along the walls of the fort. The moat and some of the cannons are still there. The fort is in the middle of a small town.

The moat and earthworks:

A cannon from the period:

The cannoneer’s view. The harbour area visible on the photo was built centuries later than the fort:

A casemate for storing gunpowder:

The original layout of the fort:

The fort was attacked (and taken?) by the Germans, the Swedes and the Brits during a couple of centuries of warfare. The Germans again used it for their local commandant in the 1940’s, and the last Germans in Denmark surrendered here several days after the war was over in Europe.

The Nazi Germans built several bunkers of their own nearby. I briefly explored them with my son. They were in quite decent shape, and oddly, above ground. The Nazis built a gun emplacement, observation bunker, and two personnel bunkers in one cluster.

Nearby they built two bunkers for anti-aircraft guns. I believe a few Allied planes were shot down by fire from these AA guns. The AA gun emplacements were on the roof of the bunkers. I only took this one pic, as the camera battery died. This is my son approaching the lower entrance to an AA gun emplacement bunker:

This particular specimen seem to have been set on fire at some point after the war. Perhaps for fire fighting drills?

And that is how I spent my summer…

Monday, August 24, 2015

Jeb and the beanstalks

Jeb the Wonder Dog ventured into the soybean field next to our house the other day. Any questions?