Monday, April 30, 2018

Is a Raised by Wolves cookbook on the horizon?

Over the years, I have posted I don't know how many food porn posts. Between game food porn, comfort food porn, shit-my-wife-wanted food porn, dessert food porn and God knows what else, I have posted a metric shit ton of food porn posts. Usually, but not always, I made it pretty easy to turn the post into a recipe, with ingredients lists, instructions and, usually, pictures. Never really thought about it much, and haven't done much of that lately.

Well, it has come to my attention that a loyal reader is compiling all of my food porn posts and putting each of them into recipe form. This sounds like a lot of work. I have no damn idea how many food porn posts I have, but it has to approach hundreds. Anyone interested in a cookbook?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, actually, I would be interested. Would it be a printed-as-the-orders-come-in type of deal? Because otherwise, it sounds rather risky.
/ O.B