Thursday, May 26, 2011

Am I not merciful?

It was suggested to me today that I am being a touch harsh with some of the residents of TempTown. Naturally, I beat that person to a bloody pulp. TempTown is full of intelligent, likeable, capable lawyers who do good work. It is also full of people who in no way meet those criteria. It is not clear who is in the majority. If anything, I have pulled punches so far. Like it or not, Moby and the hobo set the bar for the image of TempTown. No matter how good many of us actually are, we can't make up for Moby and the hobo in the public relations war. Firms see them, and we all get painted with that brush, so don't expect me to take it easy on them. We would all be better off it we drove them from the industry. By the way, I think Moby and the Hoboes would be a great name for a rock band. But I digress.

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Fenris said...

This is an odd time for Temp Town. During the lean years I seldom encountered some of the more eccentric sorts, presumably b/c firms and agencies could afford to be more selective than they can right this minute. If I am only hearing about them second hand they make me smile, because that's a good sign that I wont be walking the metaphorical streets for long...