Sunday, November 20, 2011

New territory

So, tomorrow I will be going back to a project that I have been away from for almost two weeks. Frankly, not a great project, unless things have changed. Nonetheless, we'll see what we see. Damn thing will probably be over the minute I walk in the door. That would suck.

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Fenris said...

So..why won't you go to a firm's office as opposed to agency space? I mean, there are some unappealing things about it - more dealing with people (and not just lawyers) who are convinced you are unfit to breathe the same air as they do, for one. But the coffee/tea and creature comforts are almost always better. In theory they'll supervise you more, but that's far from universally true in practice. Also, they may not be as diligent at shutting off net access (they often never know who's going to be using that space) and such.