Sunday, November 6, 2011

We're No. 2!

OK, not a great chant, because who really wants to be No. 2? And I'm not talking about Avis trying harder. Anyway, October was the second-best month ever for this blog, despite the fact that I'm a lazy sack and nothing really interesting happened. Probably the most interesting thing that happend in October was that I got accepted for the revival of the project that gave birth to this blog, and then, within hours, rejected for the same project, probably because of this blog. More about that later. Anyway, that was a good month, so keep clicking (because it's all about the clicking). 

1 comment:

Unknown said... did this blog cause you to be rejected for this project? Did the powers that be find out who you (as blogger) are and fear that you would say mean things about their project? It's later .... we want more!