Friday, January 20, 2012

Eggs over easy, hold the existential angst

Jesus, folks at work today were getting deep. Or what passes for deep among contract attorneys, anyway. Apparently, while I was away from my desk, a conversation started that wentin what I considered a strange direction. When I returned to my seat, there was some kind of discussion going on about doing what we do because of a lack of options. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to join in, naturally in a fashion guaranteed to make friends and influence people.

Me: Look, we have options, we just don't see them because we're stupid.

(Long silence.)

Temp 1: Actually, I hate to say this, but he's right. I can't believe that happened.

Me: It happens all the time, but you guys don't know it because you're stupid.

Naturally, I include myself in the "stupid" category, since if I were not stupid, I would have figured out something else to do by now.

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