Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank God for beer

So there I was last night, after work, all my other tasks and chores done, and I finally sat down to post something on the blog. I put up something about visitors from countries new to the blog (even though they probably are search engines looking for the word "fuck") and was writing another post about the different approaches  folks on this project are taking to getting their 40 hours. Boiled down, there are three approaches spread among the five of us: sprint to get to 40 as fast as possible, steady pace to finish at the same time every day and finish in four days, and work bizarre hours and manage to get 40 hours in five days. Or fall short, whatever. In any event, as as I read the post, I realized it was boring as anything ever. Paint drying. Grass growing. What evs.

And then, God stepped in. I fell asleep in front of the computer for about a half hour (did I mention I was drinking beer?). When I woke up, I was unable to post what I had written. Clearly, this was a good thing. I simply deleted the long-winded, twisted and uninteresting post I had written. Thank you, God. Proof that God gave us beer for a reason.

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