Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maybe I don't feel so good about temp pay

I deleted this without looking at it, but there was a Posse List posting from an agency I frequently work for. Here's the meat of it:
[An unnamed agency] is currently staffing a large electronic document review project slated to begin early next week. The pay rate is $26 per hour, 50-60 hours weekly, 2 week duration, and time and a half for all hours worked over 40. The review is open to attorneys barred in any US jurisdiction. Must be active and in good standing.

Fuck me. This agency, in the late 2008-early 2009 period, when jobs were really scarce, was among the low-ballers, with a lot of projects at $28 an hour. This puts them in JD-only territory. I guess times really are hard.


Fenris said...

Dunno how to ask this w/o giving the game away...but are these the folks who didn't have direct deposit until 2008 or so? I wouldn't think a veteran like yourself would be caught dead there, but sometimes we all do desperate things.

Fenris said...

Never mind. It's a different bottom feeder. Yeah I don't work for them either. At least I hope I never have to. said...

This is not Caleb, unfortunately. Caleb has been a bottom-feeder for years. Unfortunately, this is an agency that should know better.

Fenris said...

Only tangentially related... wondering if what you're seeing out there matches what I'm seeing, namely a lot of older folks and not so many people fresh out of law school. That could portend several things, some good for us (perhaps new attorneys aren't flooding the DC market anymore) some not so much (the agencies/firms are getting picky.)