Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I hope his client doesn't have to wake him up

I've mentioned that many temps have an outside client or two so that they can convince themselves they are still practicing law. (In all fairness, some temps only temp while they build up a practice. Some.)  Sleepy apparently has at least one outside client, and he isn't here today, which led to the following exchange:

CA1: Where's Sleepy?

CA2: He's in court.

CA1: What's he charged with?

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originalcutie said...

Rbw - I don't know whether I love you or intensely dislike you. However, in the event you chuckle and immediately begin to choke, I will save you by administering the Heimlich. I am very short and may accidentally crack a couple of your ribs, but you'll few alive. Yay!!!