Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The backyard pets get together

We have a couple wild animals that apparently consider our backyard to be their personal domain. Both are juveniles, born this season, and both apparently have set up burrows under the shed of my neighbor, since they come out from under the fence. One of them is a groundhog:

The other is a rabbit:

Mrs. Wolves considers both of them to be her "pets," even though they both pretty much are ignorant of our existence. Nonetheless, she takes a motherly attitude toward them and will not let me mow the backyard for fear of reducing their food supply.

The other day, we had what amounted to a once-a-century alignment of the planets. Both of Mrs. Wolves' "pets" were eating in the backyard, and could be fit in the same picture frame:

I certainly hope they move on so that I can mow the back yard before the homeowmers' association jacks me up for having my grass too long.

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Cat said...

The bunny looks so small compared to the groundhog. So cute.