Saturday, December 2, 2017

You don't post, they don't come

I have been extremely busy lately, working, not working, and working on finding a way out of Temp Town. I have been doing a fair amount of freelance writing. Alas, this generally is not lucrative enough to give up temping, but I am working on that angle. All of this adds up to me not posting very much. My posts-per-month numbers lately have looked a lot like the numbers from the beginning of the blog -- really fucking low.

Not surprisingly, low numbers of posts equals low numbers of visitors. My traffic numbers likewise are down to the level of those seen in the early days of the blog.

Well, fuck that. Have a holly, jolly Christmas, bitches, because December numbers are going up. I am on a heavy overtime project, and I am doing a bunch of freelance writing, and I don't care if I ever sleep again. Posts are coming. Deal with it.

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