Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Oh, how I miss anonymity

Pretty much anybody who wants to know who writes this blog already knows. Mostly, I don't care. Actually, always I don't care. Every now and then, though, it leads to interesting situations.

For instance, today, I was at work and a guy I know came up to me. This is, of course, the same project I was on last year at this time, and this guy was in my room. He's a good dude. But he kind of threw me off today -- he saw me and said, "Am I Wolfman Jack?"

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, Wolfman Jack was first mentioned here, and most recently was mentioned here, as he also has returned to this project. Fortunately, I was able to resassure him that he definitely was not Wolfman Jack. The conversation went something like this:
Him: Am I Wolfman Jack?
Me: Oh, God, no. You are nowhere near hirsute enough to be Wolfman Jack.
I then took him on a quick detour to point out Wolfman Jack. He realized he did not come close to qualifying, and then this exchange took place:
Him: Oh, I know him. He's a nice guy.
Me: Doesn't matter. He could be the nicest guy in the world. The nicknames are based on how people look. He's Wolfman Jack.
And he went back to his workstation, happy that he wasn't Wolfman Jack. Even though Wolfman Jack was, of course, one handsome devil:

And one hell of a disc jockey in his day.

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