Thursday, February 1, 2018

In a shocking development, a government employee pays the price for incompetence

Of course, the employee in question apparently had been incompetent for at least a decade and managed to keep his job. On the plus side, sending the entire state of Hawaii into a panic over a missile attack finally got this worthless fuck fired. Plus his boss had to quit:
Gov. David Ige and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency officials announced that HI-EMA administrator Vern Miyagi resigned this morning and the so-called “button pusher” has been terminated as a result of the state’s internal investigation of the Jan. 13 false alert of an imminent missile attack.
. . .
As a result of the findings, Logan said, the worker who set off the alert was fired on Friday, another HI-EMA executive resigned after Jan. 13, and a third employee is being suspended without pay. The fired worker had been on paid leave after the false alarm.
Retired Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira, who headed the internal investigation into HI-EMA, said the button pusher failed to hear “Exercise, Exercise, Exercise” although five others got it right.
According to Oliveira’s report, the employee has been a source of concern for over 10 years because of poor performance and had been counseled.
Oliveira said the fired employee had confused drills for real events at least twice before, once for a fire and once for a tsunami and had been “counseled.”
The idiot who told everybody in Hawaii that a missile was inbound finally lost his job after being unable to tell the difference between drills and real events for quite some time. He sucked at his job for 10 years before getting shitcanned. Private sector employees would kill for that kind of job security. How much do you want to bet he still gets his pension?

On the downside, I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Miyagi had to resign. He was such a great sensei for Daniel-San:

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