Sunday, February 18, 2018

After all they've said about sex, why does the left think we should care about this?

When Bill Clinton was getting his chops busted for getting some head in the Oval Office and then lying about it, Democrats far and wide told us it was just sex, that was personal and hey, everybody lies about sex anyway. Maybe they were just projecting, but that was their story, and they stuck to it.

Now stories are coming out that President Donald Trump, back in the day, might've banged a Playboy Bunny or maybe stuffed his schlong into a porn star, both while married to someone else.

Who fucking cares. Both allegations are about events more than a decade ago and involve only marital infidelity. I'm old enough to remember when President William J. Clinton was getting his root chuffed in the Oval Office, while president, and lefties and the press (but I repeat myself) all defended him. All I have to say is this: Here's the Playboy bunny:

Here's the porn star:

And here's what Bill was getting head from in the Oval Office:

OK,, she's not hideous, but I have to believe the leader of the free world could do better, especially while he was actually leader of the free world. Trump was just a rich guy at the time he supposedly tapped the above referenced hot chicks. And have you seen Melania?

Seriously, if my president can't keep his dick in his pants, I would much rather it be years before he was president with hot chicks than while he is president with a chick who could skip a meal. And please don't make me post a picture of Hillary. Just sayin'.

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