Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happens every time

On every project with more than one person, this issues will arise. In a review center like this one, with multiple projects ongoing and dozens of contract attorneys on site, it happens a lot. At some point, surrounded by other temps, a temp who "has his own practice" will have a privileged conversation with a client. (Yeah, yeah, a fair number of temps have a client or two, but almost none have what you could legitimately consider a law practice outside of their temping. The ones who do have a burgeoning practice that they are temping to support themselves as the practice grows don't hold privileged conversations in a crowd.)  Of course, that conversation isn't privileged anymore, since a bunch of third parties heard the moron's legal advice as he paced around the communal kitchen or stood in the hallway blithering on his cell phone to his client. You see it on almost every project. They never learn. I have a hard time believing their clients would have hired them knowing this. But what do I know?

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