Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sartorial excess

One of the things about this business I will never understand is the all-too-frequent requirement for business formal on the first day of a project. Here we are, fresh off our last project where we were wearing jeans and shirts with no collars (not to be confused with t-shirts that say "Smell my face"), and the next thing you know, you have to wear a suit. I am reasonably confident that most contract attornyes have not had to wear a suit in quite some time. Those of us who have been at this a while haven't purchased a new suit in a long time. This means, of course, that I will be jamming myself into a suit that fit great 15 pounds ago. It's been a long 10 years since I wore a suit daily. In any event, I am starting a new gig tomorrow, and a suit is required for the first day. If anybody ever figures out why they do that, let me know.

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