Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's not like gun ownership is a right or something

Oh, wait, yes it is. That, of course, did not stop Gov. Darth O'Malley, the evil overlord of the state in which I unfortunately reside, from signing the ludicrous gun-control law that his minions rammed through the one-party Maryland legislature this past session.  Basically, the law bans a bunch of weapons -- probably unconstitutional under recent Supreme Court jurisprudence, which protects ownership of firearms commonly owned and used for self-defense purposes, which includes every rifle Maryland thinks it just banned. And, of course, as the federal "assault weapon" ban showed, bans of this ilk accomplish nothing because almost no murders are committed with these weapons. There were two slayings in Maryland last year using rifles of any kind -- not clear whether the weapon in either case would fall under this stupid-ass law.

All this law does is impose more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. Requirements to purchase certain weapons -- mostly handguns -- include registration, finger-printing and mandatory training. Registration serves only one purpose -- so the government knows who has a gun. Finger-printing, we used to believe, was for criminals. Guess not. Training? Fine, whatever, I'm sure it's a good idea in theory. In practice, Maryland probably will require a state-certified course offered only once a year. The purpose here is not to make things safer but to discourage gun sales, after all. Do you think criminals will register their guns, submit to fingerprinting or take the training course? Please. Gun control laws never address the criminal element; they only impact people who obey the law.

So let'stake a leaf from the liberal playbook. Why can't we all just get along?

If you tried to put restrictions like this on freedom of speech, libtards would go apoplectic. Just sayin'.

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