Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lousy gig staffed by temps with no pride?

The Posse List, a list serve that posts job opportunities for temp lawyers, put this up about a week ago, and I still am aghast. Please note that the market isn't that bad right now, and then see if you can tell me what's wrong with this (boldface and shit are in the original, although I turned off the blue type in some places -- they really post these things like that):
[An agency I've never worked for] is seeking licensed attorney candidates (any jurisdiction) for a long-term position to work on high profile federal investigations of national significance with the Federal government. Qualified candidates will have a background that includes some kind of financial work, as well as the ability to work independently, and possess strong written and oral communication skills. Required Experience A law degree from an accredited university. Bar Membership – must be active and in good standing in any US jurisdiction Relativity experience is a plus Prior financial experience required Some document review experience a plus US citizenship Must be commutable or have a place to stay in DC for the duration of the project (That agency I've never worked for] does not pay for relocation costs) All candidates will be required to pass standard NACI government background check. Project Details

Start Date: upon passing a NACI credit and background check
Location: Washington , DC

Pay Rate: $30/hr (no OT) 
Schedule: M-F, 40 hrs per week 
Duration: 3 to 6+ months, with the potential to run much longer 
1. Full legal name 
2. Best Number to reach you? 
3. What jurisdiction are you licensed in? 
4. Is your license active and in good standing? 
5. Do you anticipate having any problems passing a standard government background and credit check? 
6. Do you have any bankruptcies, defaults or financial accounts that are in collections? 
7. Are you a US Citizen? 
8. Do you have document review experience? If so, how much and please make sure it is visible and clear on your resume 
9. Please write a sentence or two describing your prior financial experience.
OK, pencils down. The conditions to even be eligible to apply for this gig are fucking ridiculous. Background check, credit check and specialized experience? All this for only 30 bones an hour (slightly below current market rate) and 40 hours a week, explicitly no overtime and apparently making you work five days to get your 40 instead of a flexible schedule? Do you also have to occasionally submit to an anal probe? Not sure how this could be much worse. Normally, when a project calls for specialized experience, the agency expects to have to pay more to get it. Instead, they promise to perform extreme invasions of your privacy. Please note that those conditions apparently are being imposed by the client, the federal government. Just more proof that the government doesn't even understand the industries it purports to rule over. Sadly, they probably staffed this goat-roping with no problems. 

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