Sunday, May 5, 2013

Like we need another excuse to drink

I am told that outside the state of Puebla, the site of the battle the holiday celebrates, Cinco de Mayo isn't that big of a deal in Mexico. Mexico lost that war, after all, and probably half the Americans who use this as an excuse to drink think it's Mexican independence day. It would be a little like the South having a big holiday to celebrate the victory at the battle of First Manasas during the War Between the States.

Personally, when it comes to marking Mexican historic anniversaries I prefer to celebrate heroic defeats against overwhelming odds, like April 30, the anniversary of the battle of Camaron, fought near Puebla nearly a year after the big battle. Camaron gave rise to some of the most enduring traditions of the French Foreign Legion. The siege of the Alamo also comes to mind.

At least I know what I'm celebrating, though, unlike certain presidents we might know:

Anyway, whatever you call it, enjoy the occasion. It's probably the only way to get rid of your Derby Day hangover, anyway.

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