Saturday, April 9, 2016

A little pre-freeze farming

Finding myself at loose ends Thursday, with the prospect of a very cold weekend, Jeb the Wonder Dog and I went farming Thursday. No surprisingly, Jeb stuck his head out the window pretty much the whole way to The Farm:

Once there, I took stock of what we had done the week before. The radishes are starting to come up:

Not much else going on in terms of germination, so I decided to put in some garlic. I picked up some seed garlic at Southern States:

I dug some trenches:

Put some garlic sets in the trenches:

All under the watchful eye of Jeb the Wonder Dog:

Covered up the garlic and we should be good to go. Supposed to get down into the low 20s tonight, but after that, farming R us, right? Beans and peppers, on the way. Can't wait.

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