Tuesday, April 19, 2016

OK, so I went farming this weekend. What of it?

Yeah, I went to The Farm Saturday, and we did lots of stuff. Of course, Jeb the Wonder Dog came along, and yeah, he stuck his nose out the window:

There were several tasks in front of me Saturday. First, I had to fill this box with dirt and plant garlic in it:

So I did. It might look like dirt, but it's dirt with a bunch of garlic sets under it:

There was a bunch of other planting to do, as well. We had brussel sprouts:

Green beans:

Cauliflower and broccoli:

With all the planting, it would be easy to forget  the stuff already in the ground. Like the peas, which are coming up:

And the radishes:

Not to mention onions:

 So, I got the brussel sprouts in the ground:

Likewise for the cauliflower and broccoli:

All in all, it was a productive Saturday. Watered everything down, and prepared for the planting in the next week or so of beans and tomatoes. Can't wait.

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