Wednesday, April 27, 2016

There was some weekend farming activity

Not a lot, really, because mostly I was reseeding things that got killed by the frosts and cold we had a couple weeks ago. I thought we might be gambling a bit, given the weather forecasts, and I think it turns out we were. So, Saturday I packed up Jeb the Wonder Dog and off we went to The Farm:

Yeah, we've seen that one a time or two. Or one like it, anyway, as that was taken Saturday. So, when I got to The Farm, it turned out that the spinach had pretty much completely failed, the peas were at about 90 percent failure, and the radishes were over 50 percent failure. The peas barely came up:

The radishes were under half germination:

Almost no spinach in the small bed:

One plant in the larger bed:

So I res-sowed spinach in the big bed:

And spinach and radishes in the smaller beds:

We also harvested some asparagus:

Potatoes coming in;

Even Farmer Tom's planted-wrong potatoes are coming up;

Also, the green beans, planted after the last freeze, are starting to come up:

We'll see how the reseeding works out. Should see some garlic soon, and I think tomatoes and peppers will go in this weekend.

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