Thursday, June 16, 2016

A farmin' we will go, I guess

Monday, having no employment, I went to The Farm with Jeb the Wonder Dog. Of course, he hung his head out the window the whole trip over:

When I got there, Farmer Tom had weeded the onions, which are looking good:

The potatoes continue to thrive:

The peppers are in varying stages of development. Just seedlings, really. July and August will tell the tale:

Lots of spinach in the small bed:

The last of the radishes are approaching harvest time, too:

And a full bed of spinach has me scrambling for preservation options. Ain't but so much damn spinach salad you can eat. Just sayin':

The first crop of beans is starting to look good, too:

The peas are producing:

The carrots are just getting started, since we had to replant after the freeze:

The cauliflower looks great, but I see no heads yet, which has me nervous. Cauliflower is not a warm-weather crop, and the deeper we get into summer, the less likely it is we'll get a good crop from this batch:

The broccoli, on the other hand, is producing nicely:

The jury remains out on the Brussels sprouts. The plants look great, but I see no fruit forming yet:

The first garlic bed looks kind of anemic:

The second, smaller bed is doing better. I expect both to be fine by harvest time:

I got some zucchini and squash plants:

I put them in the ground, too:

Also put up the fence around the cucumber plants that are planted on the outside of the squash/zucchini bed:

Watered the crap out of all of it. Since then, we've had some localized rain from thunderstorms -- including right now -- so things should be bustin' when I go this weekend. Probably have to harvest some things and plant more beans. We'll see.

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