Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump's speech to the evangelicals

Maybe not on the scale of Paul's letter to the Galatians, but I'm sure it was yuge. Fortunately, I have a transcript of Donald F. Trump's remarks to the evangelical leaders with whom he met in New York this week:
Random evangelical leader: So, Mr. Trump, are you a believer? Your life history seems somewhat hedonistic.
Donald F. Trump: No, I'm a tremendous believer. I have the best beliefs. My beliefs are so good, you'll get tired of believing. You'll beg me, hey, please, stop believing, and I'll say no, sorry, gotta keep it up. Don't stop believing. Then I'll play that fucking Journey song and someone will shoot me. But I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried.
OK, so I guess that convinced them. They're totes on board now.

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