Saturday, June 4, 2016

I think you should back what your party backs. And choke on it.

A friend of mine went to Monticello today. I'm sure you've seen it on the back of a nickel -- it is the home in Charlottesville, Va., of Thomas Jefferson. She sent me some pictures, but I'm not publishing those because that isn't my point. Because she is a diehard Democrat, I wrote back to her, "Monticello is nice. Built by slaves, of course, so you have to feel guilty at the same time. According to your people. In fact, you should probably set it on fire."

The Social Justice Warriors who are running the Democrat party these days are completely out of control. Trump is evil, apparently -- I am willing to stipulate that he is a narcisisstic ninny and a nasty man with extraordinarily thin skin -- but they are passionately devoted to either a felon or a Socialist, with a capital S. The Constitution is racist, people should use whatever bathroom they want, depending upon how they "identify" that day, and yes, we should take money from people who earned it for no other reason than that they earned it. Their programs don't work, unless you consider creating a larger and larger bureaucracy that takes more and more of our rights without solving the problem the bureaucracy is supposed to address "working."

Actually, as we all realize, they do. The point is not to make people's lives better. The point is to ensure that government controls all aspects of those lives. They try to twist the Clean Water Act from covering "navigable waters" to covering "occasionally damp areas." They try to twist the Clean Air Act from covering actual pollutants to covering carbon dioxide, which is produced in far larger quantities by nature than by man and has almost nothing to do with climate, not that we could change the climate even if it did. Damn the cost, do something!

The party of science is totes OK with snuffing out unborn lives, but opposes the death penalty. The party of equality wants to subjugate the rights of more than 99 percent of the population to the "rights" of less than 1 percent of the population so that some confused, mentally unsteady people can pee where they want. The party of freedom of expression wants to shut down speech on college campuses that is just too "triggering" for the delicate snowflakes there who can't stand to hear opinions that differ from theirs. The party of justice wants to take money from people who have done nothing more wrong than earn too much money and give it to people who have done nothing. The party of freedom is gangbusters for, well, actually nothing that actually supports freedom.

So go ahead. Burn Monticello. Makes sense these days for a Democrat.

Update: I was under pressure from Jeb the Wonder Dog to take him for a walk, leading me to neglect to even mention the pressure the Democrat administration is putting on colleges to punish young men for "sexual assault" without any due process and to force high schools to let anyone who "identifies" as the opposite sex to use the opposite gender's lockerroom and bathroom facilities, regardless of their actual gender or even their actual gender identity. This is what passes for equality in the Democrat Party.

If this is the country you want, by all means, vote Democrat. And choke on it.

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Whew! Feel better now that you got that off your chest?