Sunday, June 26, 2016

A post on Brexit with a little help from my European correspondent

As you probably know, the United Kingdom held a referendum Thursday on whether to stay in the European Union and voted to leave. I choose not to provide a link, because all of the stories that come up are "news analysis" explaining why the people are just so wrong to have voted to leave the EU. Naturally, this elitist attitude is part of why Britons voted to leave the EU, but I digress.

Upon learning of the results, I sent an email to my European correspondent, RAF, that said: "Is this the end of the EU? I hope so. Am I wrong to think that?"

First, let me clarify that I view the EU as a step toward world government and the end of national sovereignty. I do not view the end of national sovereignty as a good thing, for this country or any other. So yes, I am opposed to the EU concept. even though I do not live in the EU, nor will I ever. But I asked, and this is how RAF responded:
I hope so, too. And I think it is. But it will take a while for the EU to collapse. The Eurocrats are too invested in the project to just let it die.
I think they’ll come up with something in an effort to keep the house of cards standing. Britain will be punished in some minor way, and then the Eurocrats will make all sorts of arrangements so that trade and such won’t suffer.
I don’t think much will happen before another country leaves the EU. And that will only come about by popular demand.
People might joke about the silly EU rules regarding the curvatures of cucumbers and such - but that won’t make people actively work to get out of EU. It takes a lot more to get people riled up to do anything about the EU. The EU is a very vague concept to most folks. Who cares about cucumbers, anyway?
The end of the EU might come about earlier if we get another summer of muslim invasion. The last “refugee crisis" opened some people’s eyes to how incompetent, costly and insane the EU project really is. A few more examples like that, and things will start to happen fast.
Denmark, where RAF lives, is one of the prime candidates for the next country to leave the EU. The Netherlands, France and a couple others also are on the list. I guess we'll see. If our current president had any nuts -- and I would be the last person to suggest he does -- we would already be signing a trade agreement with the UK. We aren't. Draw your own conclusions.

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