Monday, January 16, 2017

Most triumphant game food post

Yeah, I know I just posted the game food porn from last week, when we beat the shit out of the Giants, but I wanted to be a little more timely with posting the game food porn from yesterday, when we sent the Cowboys down to ignominious defeat in their own stadium. Naturally, the Packers will try to do the same to the Falcons next week, but first, we must review the game food porn that drove the Packers -- or at least some of their fans - to victory this week. We had the tater totchos:

Brown sugar bacon dogs also made the menu:

And we topped it off with bacon cheeseburger macaroni and cheese:

Of course, what we really topped it off with was a last-second field goal to send the top-seeded Cowboys home to cry all off-season long while the Packers advance to the conference championship game. Can't wait to take on the Falcons next week.

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