Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time for a "shit I meant to do earlier before life interfered" post

I've been working 12 hours a day (and commuting 3), 6 days a week for most of the last 3 months. Time off during the holidays, to be sure, but mostly too busy to do justice to the blog, and for that I apoligize. I'm going to do a couple quick hits here on stuff I meant to get to weeks or even months ago.

First off, Fidel Castro died, and good fucking riddance. Naturally, nothing is going to change in Cuba. Raul Castro is just as big a graft-and-corruption driven communist as Fidel, so he will continue to suck billions out of the country and be a wealthy man while his people struggle to survive. I understand that a like-minded successor awaits Raul's death. Emperor Barry's "overture" to Cuba did nothing but put more money in the pockets of a dictatorship. Good job, dude.

The point of this post, however, is quite simple, thusly:

That is the Cuban Army vehicle carrying Fidel Castro's remains on his final parade through Havana to the cheers of the "adoring" masses. Yes, you see that right -- the vehicle broke down, and those army turds are pushing it. That, my friends, is Cuba, now and for the foreseeable future. A broken dictatorship unable to do anything right except stay in power and enrich the dictator and his minions. Can't imagine why we didn't open our arms to them before.

Second on the neglected list is, of course, the fact that Emperor Barry is gone. I wasn't a Trump guy, but he has been doing the things he said he would, which puts him ahead of most newly elected presidents, so he has that going for him. Right now, though, the part about Trump being president instead of Hillary (who would have continued Emperor Barry's policies) is this:

Finally, we get to the butt-hurt crybabies who can't seem to get over the fact that the only candidate who could have lost to Trump in the general election did, in fact, lose. They can't stop whining, pissing, moaning, rioting in the city I work in and screaming about "resistance." Remember when all that shit happened in 2008 after Barry won? Oh, wait, never  mind -- that shit didn't happen, and anybody who complained that maybe the socialist who won was a socialist was branded a racist. So, now we have people setting things on fire on Inauguration Day and breaking windows, screaming about being the resistance and getting arrested. Sounds like democracy to me:

I hope to post more regularly soon. Personally, I think this swordfish is almost ready to be brought on board the boat. It's looking pretty tired.

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