Sunday, January 8, 2017

Temps are seriously weird

A woman I know on this project has been complaining for weeks about a dude in her room who clips his fingernails at his desk, apparently a couple times a week. Whenever he does it, she leaves the room in disgust, but she never has told him to knock it off, nor has she asked anyone higher in the chain of command to tell him to knock it off.

Well, it would appear that someone has told him that this is gross, disgusting, unacceptable and a good way to get shanked in the bathroom. Maybe they didn't mention getting shanked in the bathroom, because that appears to be where he has taken his fetish.

I walked into the men's room Friday, intent on taking care of business and getting out. One of the stalls was occupied, but I paid it no mind as I had no intention of taking a seat. As I assumed the position, I heard the distinctive sound of nail clippers behind me.

Due was clipping at a furious rate, so many times that he must have had 20 fingers. I figured toes were involved. When I went to the sink to wash my hands, I bent down a little to take a peak and see if he was working the toe function. Nope. He was standing, facing the toilet, clipping like a son of a bitch. Still clipping when I left the bathroom. He must've been down to the second knuckle. No fucking way he had any fingernails left.

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