Monday, January 16, 2017

I told you there would be game food porn, so there is game food porn

Barely any time these days to post -- I think this swordfish is not looking too good, so take the hours while you can, as Rules 2 and 3 inform us. I'm taking what I can, but that doesn't mean I don't take time to watch the Packers. And if we watch the Packers, we serve game food! Sunday, when we beat the shit out of the Giants, 38-13, was no exception. We started with stuffed skins:

Because this was a dinner-time game, I fixed French dip roast beef sandwiches with baked beans and onion rings. The rings were baked, and were damn good. Start with a couple large onions cut into wide rings. Take the smaller interior rings and use them for something else. Only big rings here. Put the rings in ice water (I have no fucking idea why):

Put 1-3/4 cups of flour into a wide, shallow dish. Add a tbsp of coarse salt. You should take those big rings and rub them around in the flour:

You then need a flat dish filled with 2 cups of butter milk. Then you should drop those big onion rings in the buttermilk:

Presumably, you have crushed a couple cups of corn flakes and put hose in a flat dish as well. Naturally, that means that next you will dip and drag your onion rings through the corn flakes:

As you complete the process for each ring, you will put the completed ring on a well-greased baking sheet:

You will bake them at 450 for about 25 minutes, turning them at about 12 minutes:

You will then enjoy the hell out of them with steak sandwiches and baked beans, or whatever the hell you prepared:

You will enjoy them even more if you beat the shit out of the Giants, which we did. Yeah, it's dated, but that's what happened last week. Victory over the Cowboys game food is coming shortly.

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