Friday, February 3, 2017

Hang on, I'm getting confused,

I voted for Trump, so I'm a fascist, but this so-called comedian isn't:

Last time I checked, a military coup is practically the definition of fascism. Stop being so butt-hurt over losing the election. You put up a shitty candidate, and she lost because she was a shitty candidate. The GOP put up a shitty candidate, and he won because enough people believed he really was as tired of the establishment as they were, plus he wasn't as shitty a candidate as she was. But she lost. Get over it. I remember, way back in my youth, when people screamed bloody murder when a candidate sounded reluctant about accepting election results if he lost. Such as here, and here, and here. Not to mention there. Oh, hell, that wasn't my youth, that was practically yesterday.

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