Monday, February 6, 2017

I kind of wonder who in the Patriots organization sold his soul to the devil

That was a hell of a football game, and until about halfway through the third quarter, it didn't look like it would be. Mrs. Wolves kept saying "don't count them out," and she was right, even though that is not normally what the Patriots do. Usually, when they are losing big, they lose. They just almost never are losing big. Well, this time Tom Brady decided he didn't want to lose. And they didn't.

Gaga did a good halftime show -- saying "hi" to her parents was a nice touch -- and it didn't matter that all of the songs she did were earlier hits, since her last two albums have been "meh." It was a good show, followed by a second half for the ages. Wow. Hope y'all got to see it.

So this leaves us with the question, who over in New England is in league with the devil? I lean toward the evil genius, head coach Bill Bellichick. But I don't think he sold his soul in exchange for gridiron success. Bellichick, the evil genius, doubtless negotiated a much better deal than that. Maybe sold Brady's soul.

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