Friday, February 10, 2017

Not sure this wasn't one of my cats' relatives

Early this week, the National Zoo apparently lost one of its bobcats, who escaped through a hole in the enclosure. Fortunately for the zoo, the bobcat was recaptured Wednesday:
Ollie, a bobcat at the National Zoo who went missing Monday morning, was captured late Wednesday afternoon near the zoo’s bird house, zoo officials said.
“We found her thanks to a tip from a visitor,” great cats curator Craig Saffoe said at a news conference Wednesday evening.
Saffoe said that after receiving the tip, he and a zookeeper set live traps near the bird house and within 15 minutes had captured Ollie.
The 25-pound beast made its way out through a hole in its enclosure Monday morning. The runaway looks like this:

Seriously, you think she isn't related to Murder and Mischief:

Yeah, that's what I thought, too. So, in honor of Ollie the runaway, we have this:

Then we have this, from the David Letterman show in 1986:

Dude still had it. Here is the link to Ollie the Bobcat, and it is not a happy one, alas. At some point, Shannon decided he did not still have it and killed himself on Feb. 8, 1990, just over 26 years ago. Love me some Del Shannon. Wish he'd felt better about himself, because he should have.

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