Monday, September 4, 2017

I have empirical proof that other countries don't mind the U.S. bombing them

Serbia came by today, and when I checked to see if that was the first visit from someone in Serbia, I found that it was at least the second. However, a comment I made in the post about our first visitor from Serbia got me wondering. How many countries that the United States has bombed are represented by visitors to Eff You? In the post, I limited it to the last 20 years, so I'll stick with that. Obviously, if we go back to 75 years, the numbers go way up and would include quite a few countries that, at least nominally, are now U.S. allies, although I have my doubts about Germany and France.

In any event, I decided to check. It's not that I am dead set against bombing other countries, mind you, I just wonder how many of those countries are nonetheless represented on the visitor's log of Eff You. So without actually doing any research, off the top of my head I drew up a list of countries the U.S. has bombed since, oh, 1997.

It's not a short list. It includes: Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria. Am I leaving anybody out? I think that covers it. We've probably dropped a few in countries we don't like to talk about. Maybe Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Mali, who knows where else. But we'll stick with those first eight.

So how many of those countries have had a resident drop by Eff You? All but Libya, where I'm not sure they even have internet connections. Anyway, I consider this empirical proof that 7 out of 8 countries bombed by the U.S. don't hold it against us. Doubt me? Fine, come up with your own empirical proof.

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