Thursday, September 28, 2017

Just watched the National Anthem at the start of the Packers-Bears game

Despite all the talk by Packers' players for everyone in the crowd to link arms in a show of "unity" -- nobody said unity with what -- I didn't see anybody in the crowd linking arms. Lord knows the cameras would have found them. I saw a lot of people with their hands over their hearts, and more than a few, presumably veterans, saluting. The NFL is losing this battle over the National Anthem by siding with the losers who started this shit of taking a knee during the anthem. Everybody knows Colin Kaepernick is protesting that the U.S. is an oppressive country -- he said so. Supporting him supports that concept. Is that what we support? Not me, and not most people, certainly not most people who watch the NFL. No wonder ratings are down.

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