Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Apple apparently believes its own global-warming bullshit

Apple recently opened a store in Chicago -- cold, snowy, wintry Chicago -- that is not what you might call well-designed for winter weather:
Chicago’s new Apple store can’t seem to handle the frigid temperatures which have been hitting many parts of the country.
Photos captured outside the flagship store—which opened its doors to the public on October 20—show large icicles hanging from the roof, surrounded by caution tape, with signs that read “CAUTION—Watch for Falling Snow and Ice.”
Apparently, the building doesn’t have any gutters, therefore there’s nowhere for the snow to fall, Fortune reports. This has resulted in the closure of both a public walkway and courtyard.
 I guess at this point snow was supposed to be a thing of the past. Maybe the folks at Apple read The Guardian.

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