Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Name that party, people!

This is, of course, a long-standing game for followers of lefty sites and the mainstream media (we'll pretend, for the moment, that there is a difference). How long will it take for you to find out the party affiliation of this public official accused of criminal behavior:
Texas state Sen. Carlos Uresti “groomed” nearly $900,000 out of a former client and grieving mother by cultivating a sexual relationship with her, according to prosecutors in court on Monday.
The 54-year-old Uresti, who has also been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment during his time as a legislator, is on trial for 11 felony charges—including money laundering, wire fraud, and securities fraud—over his alleged part in a Ponzi scheme involving frac sand company FourWinds Logistics‍. Uresti, who served as legal counsel for the now-defunct company, has repeatedly denied all of the charges.
To be fair, the newspaper cited got to it in the fourth paragraph. On the other hand, most local papers, especially in Texas, are more conservative than The Daily Beast. Nonetheless, this kind of thing is a patter. Check for yourself, or I'll make this a regular feature.

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