Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This is all I'm going to say about this one

There are stories swirling around that President Trump had an affair 11 or 12 years ago with a porn star. The stories are not verified, but, hey, they're probably true. So what? There are verified stories that, while in the White House, President Bill Clinton was getting busy having a 23-year-old intern suck his dick repeatedly in the Oval Office (or in rooms right next door). Neither case represents what you might call a character reference, but one, while reprehensible, did not involve a subordinate at work and in fact involved two adults, neither of whom held public office at the time. The other affair involved a much younger subordinate employee of a far more powerful individual. Which relationship would you be quicker to condemn?

And then consider this. Monica isn't ugly or anything:

But which way would you go first?

Yeah, me too. Hey, maybe I should come up with a hashtag: #Metoo.

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