Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kitties and such

Time, I suppose, for the kit-tay roundup, photo edition. Mrs. Wolves has been supplying me with numerous kit-tay photos of the adorable variety, and at some point I am obligated to put them on the blog. And so, without further ado, I do so.

Here is a rare sight -- both sisters, Murder and Mayhem, in the wolf paws box at the same time. (The wolf paws box is so named because of a scarf with wolf paws at each end that was part of a Game of Thrones Halloween costume a couple years ago, which scarf now provides some of the bedding in the wolf paws box.) No photo of the wolf paws is available as the wolf paws are completely covered by kit-tays:

Anytime, anywhere, if there is a bag, a kit-tay will get in it:

They also like to make camp on Mrs. Wolves' legs before she can get out of bed in the morning:

Another wolf paws box shot:

Sometimes, paws come shooting out from the strangest places:

Just to show that the sisters are not the only cats who like to get into bags, here is Mischief with a bag around her neck that originally held a Christmas present:

OK, housecleaning complete with respect to kit-tay photos.

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