Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seriously, this one sucks

So, we started the new project today (the one I was sure didn't exist) and I now almost wich it actually didn't exist, because it really sucks. We are capped at 40 hours, we have a bad hourly rate, and we have to work five days. Basically, the schedule as laid out means we can work enough hours Monday through Thursday so that you only need to work two hours on Friday to get your  40. Hey, no problem, work less during the other four days to make it worth coming in on Friday, you say. To which I reply, which one of your parents suffered severebrain damage and passed it along to you? You enter every week not knowing whether hours will be added, which means you always work every hour available in hopes that on Thursday afternoon the firm will announce overtime availability and you will be poised to maximize on it. What, are you stupid? Down side, of course, is if no hours are added and you incur five days of commuting costs to work two hours on Fridays. Sucks to be me.

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