Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, this is what it has come to

The topic was so important, it was the subject of several announcements late last week and at the beginning of this week. I guess you could call it an existential threat. That's right -- the agency was having problems with its coffee vendor and there was no free coffee. For contract attorneys, this, apparently, is the end of the world. The agency folks in charge of the site made repeated announcements about how they realized that caffiene was important to our work and they were working on the problem. They assured us that a new coffee vendor was on the way and all would soon be well.

Of course, this crisis failed to move me for several reasons. First, I don't drink coffee, so I could give two shits whether there is free coffee available. Second, as a soft drink consumer in an induystry that routinely provides free coffee but not free soft drinks, I have long since become accustomed to obtaining my own soft drinks. Which brings me to the point here: I was looking around, listening to the agency folks anxiously explain that free coffee was on the way, and hearing temps complain that there was no free coffee available right now, and  I could not contain myself. As a guy who brings or buys his own sodas, I had to say it.

"There's a Caribou Coffee across the street. Buy your own fucking coffee."

Self help, apparently, is not a big theme with contract attorneys.

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