Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a hard knock life

OK, not a lot of "Annie" fans out there -- I love show tunes! -- but it remains true. Searching for material for this blog is no easy task, as I am generally the funniest motherfucker out there, and I keep forgetting to write down shit I say.  Damn it. Anyway, on this project, it isn't even an issue as to whether I am the funniest motherfucker on the project. I am the only damn one willing to speak! The guy from the firm (he's not an associate with the law firm -- it's complicated and not worth explaining, but he's the guy from the firm) has somehow managed to position himself in the room so that he is not only in the room with us, he is looking over many of our shoulders (discouraging theoretically permitted interwebs use). Conversation killer much? So pretty much everybody just puts on headphones and cruises. Silence of the tomb, people. Could this guy get hit by a bus or something?

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