Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bringing in the sheaves

I think I mentioned that the farmer who owns the field next to where I live (as well as two across the road, and I think at least one more down the road, but I digress) planted wheat this year. I think he's just rotating crops -- last year he planted soybeans. Usually he plants corn, but he sometimes plants soybeans or wheat -- I assume there is a schedule that I am not paying attention to, although I am aware of why it is beneficial to rotate crops in this way.

In any event, today they harvested the wheat.  As someone who grew up as a not-a-city-boy but one who never lived on a farm, I get a kick out of this shit.I like growing stuff and, good Lord willing, maybe I will someday. Until then, I have to content myself with observations:

This is the field next to my house. The wheat has just been passed over by a harvester.

Across the road, although it is hard to tell here, that red-looking thing is a rolling bin that the harvester spits the wheat into. At the time of this photo, the harvester was around the corner, harvesting another field.

The only other picture I took was in the field next to my house, illustrating the imperfect nature of the harvest:

There are always stalks left over. In any event, I kind of like the whole process. And if you eat, you should too. Don't complain about farmers with your mouth full.

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