Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're going to need a bigger boat

Had a "Jaws" moment today over at the Farm. A couple days ago we harvested a really fucking big zuchinni. I mean, really big, the size of my forearm. Like so:

OK, that's a big damn zuke. We have harvested several lately of roughly that size, so I am having trouble keeping up with production. The ones this big get turned into zuchinni bread -- which is delicious, by the way, and will be the subject of an upcoming food porn -- and one this large is good for a couple batches of bread. I am still behind, but striving mightily to catch up, making bread night and day.

So what happens? Today, I harvested Moby motherfucking Dick, pictured here next to the previous record-holder:

 It is bigger, fatter and heavier; the photo doesn't do it justice. This was my immediate reaction:

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