Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm sure the resemblance is coincidental

Nice little piece at Ed Driscoll's site discussing George Will's piece on Lois Lerner, the IRS official who appears to be behind the government onslaught against Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status. Ed nicely juxtaposed the images of some of progressives' big heroes, past and present:

Interestingly, I got an email from a libtard friend of mine on Wednesday, June 19, reading thusly:
Did you go to the Audit the IRS rally today? I had trouble finding any coverage...even among your people. Do you suppose the news that the IRS also closely questioned and took a long time reviewing liberal organizations took a little steam out of all that indignation with which the TPs have been strutting around?
Naturally, as a libtard who relies primarily upon the mainstream media, my friend didn't know that the rally was well-attended, that it was subject to government attempts to limit it in size and impact and that the Demos claims that "progressive" groups also were targeted was horseshit. I replied:
First, it was not allowed to be called a rally. Park Service wouldn't issue a permit, so they had to call it a press conference. Then, two groups wanted to participate, so Park Service made them do it separately, with barriers set up between the two crowds so they couldn't mingle, even though they were both in agreement. Finally, NEVER would the the mainstreams cover this, and right-wing media were given nothing to cover. The Park Service made sure there was no official notice of anything going on. As for liberal groups being "targeted": horseshit. Organizing for Fascism or whatever Barry calls his 501(c)(4) group got approved in 3 weeks, despite having a mission statement that said they were lobbying for the president's agenda (specifically excluded from (c)(4) status under IRS code), and the Treasury Department IG says that liberal groups were not targeted the way conservative groups were. According to the Treasury IG, 6 of 20 liberal groups got extra scrutiny, but without the kind of automatic scrutiny based on words in the group's name, while 292 out of 292 Tea Party groups got extra scrutiny based on words in the group name. 
 Please don't make me dig up links to the ludicrous demands for information that the IRS made of conservative groups. I'll do it if I have to, but the only reason to do so that I can think of is that liberals refuse to believe that the government is a giant tool for oppression of the governed is that the government is currently run by their people and so they are not oppressed. Trust me, you will be, regardless of who is running things. It's what government does.

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