Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Apparently, a right is only a right if liberal fascists think it is a "good" right

The right to keep and bear arms, obviously, is not a "good" right to liberal fascists, and so they continue to seek ways to keep your from exercising that right. Because recent Supreme Court decisions have made it more difficult for liberals to ban firearms -- since that pesky Constitution says you can't --  some liberal fascists have sought other means to keep firearms out of the hands of the people they seek to subjugate. Case in point: San Francisco has driven its last gun store out of business:
Over the weekend, San Francisco will lose its last gun store: High Bridge Arms.
Why? The city has mandated that gun shops hand over information about its customers to the cops.
"Just the idea of giving that information willingly to the police department, for no real reason, seemed very unreasonable to me." says Steven Alcairo, the general manager of High Bridge Arms. Alcairo notes that the store already complies with all federal and state reporting requirements.
The legislation the city imposed on its gun store -- singular -- was, of course, intended to ensure that no one would buy a gun there, as well as impose such prohibitive compliance costs on the city's only remaining gun store that said store would close. Despite protestations to the contrary, the law imposed requirements that would have made East Germany's Stasi proud. Naturally, the fascist responsible denied any intent to impinge on San Franciscans' right to own firearms:
Mark Farrell, a member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, was behind the local ordinance. The ordinance places new requirements on gun shops like High Bridge Arms, such as videotaping everything that happens in their stores and providing the San Francisco Police Department with weekly updates on customers and purchases.
"I would never introduce legislation to hurt a small business in our city," Farrell told the local NBC affiliate. "However, if a gun store in particular wants to close as a result of it, so be it."
First of all, there are no other gun shops like High Bridge Arms. There are no other gun shops in the city, period -- and now High Bridge Arms has closed. Farrell has ensured that only two kinds of people in San Francisco will now have access to firearms -- people willing to leave the city to buy them, and criminals. I sincerely hope Mr. Farrell encounters only the latter as he walks the streets of his fine city. Reap what you sow, bitches.

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