Monday, November 23, 2015

Change the game food, change the game result

Clearly, I am in control of how the Packers do. This week, I switched which Packers gear I wore for the game and what I fixed for game food. Result? Packers beat the shit out of the Vikings and regained control of the NFC North. Can't argue with success.

Anyway, this week was basically dinnertime game food, since the game was at 4:30 and we ate dinner at halftime. We had brats -- duh -- and I did not bother with game food porn pictures, as that would be boring.

However, I did fix some new game food for our pre-game appetizer, and it was as good as it was simple. Tater tots -- which are all the rage with the millenial generation these days, possibly because they are cheap and most millenials seem to be unemployed and living in their parents' basements -- wrapped in bacon, which makes all things wonderful. Preparation is simple. Just wrap the frozen tater tots in bacon:

Cook at 450 for about 20 minutes and serve:

I cannot even begin to describe how good these were. So I won't try. But they wer really good, and the Packers won by two touchdowns. I'm not saying there's a connection, but I am saying that I am fixing these on Thanksgiving. Draw your own conclusions.

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