Saturday, November 28, 2015

It started early

 Yeah, Thanksgiving is past us, but it was such a draining experience I am just getting around to posting the Turkey Day food porn. I was really busy Wednesday and Thursday, and slept most of Friday (no shit, I slept until half past noon, then went to bed at 8 pm. Today, I worked, so here we are.) so I am only now beginning to post. Thanksgiving for me began Tuesday night when I got home from work and had to brine the turkey.

Obviously, the first thing you do is bust out the turkey. Mine was 22 pounds, on account of I had so many people coming:

Then mix up the brine. Water, salt, sage, soy sauce (10 ounces):

Put some ice in a 5-gallon bucket, such as from Home Depot:

Put the damn bird in there:

More ice. Seriously, never hurts:

Pour in your seasoning mix:

Add water and ice to fill the bucket, then seal it up:

Put the sumbitch on the back porch if you live where it is at least cool at night (our nighttime temperatures were 40s and 50s Tuesday and Wednesday night, and I still had ice in the bucket Thursday morning, so I guess that was cool enough). If you live in warmer climes, I guess you better have more ice or a bigger refrigerator. I don't know. So, that's how it started.

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