Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A document review haiku challenge

A recently overheard conversation in Temp Town gave me a truly bizarre audience-participation idea. I heard a person commenting on the inanity of some of the remarks included in the "reviewer comments" sections of the documents we review in later review stages. One temp noted that a pretty fair number of them make no sense. Another suggested that the word "poo" should be included at random just to see if anyone was paying any attention, and finally someone suggested that all further reviewer comment box entries should be done in haiku.

It took me about 45 seconds, but I was able to quickly whip up a sample of just such a haiku reviewer comment:
Isn't privileged.
Some stupid turd said it was.
Don't redact, shithead.
I invite anyone in Temp Town to provide their own haiku in the comments, although I suggest using an anonymous email address to do so.

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